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Retail Fulfillment


Knitting, De-Knitting, Labelling, Cross Docking, Bulk Break, Boxes, Jute Bags, Consolidation, Re-Packaging for Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, & Manufacturers!


It refers to the bulk movement of inventory which takes place between B2B parties, where the key is to accurately label or sticker the units and the boxes so that when it reaches the distributor, retailer, or marketplace warehouse, it is faster for them to process and take the inward of the inventory (Amazon FBA Services, Flipkart Assured Services, 3pl Amazon FBA, 3PL Warehouse Shopify). This also includes combo packaging, inserting marketing flyers or coupon codes which helps eCommerce and offline brands to create a personal experience. With the increase in brands selling products online, it is crucial that the bulk fulfillment lot needs to reach the warehouse in the time slot assigned due to high demand (Time Bound Fulfillment Activities). It is crucial for business that right inventory should reach at right time and in the right condition. Brands can achieve this by outsourcing this Supply Chain activities to a experienced 3PL in the market, which not only ensures their quality of service but also enables them to focus on their core expertise of marketing, branding, or manufacturing.


We store, pick, pack, knit, de-knit, and ship bulk orders to distributors/wholesalers/retailers, nation-wide straight from our warehouses spread across India. Our reliable fulfillment services, warehouses near your customers, and technology that powers our fulfillment network help improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers.


Why WareDepot?

3-4 day shipping across India

Nation wide access to warehouses

No hefty deposits and long term commitment



  1. Schedule 20 minutes with an expert to gather requirement, get a personalized quote, & decide start-date

  2. Ship us your inventory across selected warehouse locations

  3. Connect your online selling platform with our WMS for easy online order sync OR use our manual google sheet tracking

  4. Import/upload master SKU list

  5. We fulfill and ship your orders with last mile delivery within 3-4 days

  6. Hassle-free returns processing

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