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What We Offer


WareDepot is India’s most trusted third-party logistics provider (3PL). Our company provides smart inventory management solutions, re-labelling, corrugated box packaging, order tracking solutions, and timely delivery to your end consumers.

Well, this is just not the end of the list. Our wide pan-India presence has helped us to provide merchants with a wide array of services. We have fulfilment centres in over 6 metro cities and are striving to grow rapidly to provide our clients with all B2C and B2B order fulfilment services.



E-commerce Fulfilment

The Covid-19 pandemic has truly boosted the e-commerce sector. As per National Retail Federation (NRF), online shopping is a preferred way for 68% of consumers. This is a significant increase of 16% from the year 2020. Another survey reports that e-commerce sales are estimated to account for 20% of total sales by the year 2024. These numbers can clearly state that demand for timely delivery and package tracking is estimated to multi-fold in coming years. Under this service, WareDepot will create a custom app for you that will integrate all your sales channels. This will assist you to control your income and stock seamlessly. The company takes care of picking, packing, labelling/relabelling, segregating products according to categories, and dispatching/delivering products to your customers. Don’t worry, we also take care of your returns so you can focus on increasing sales.


Amazon/FBA Prep Services

Thanks to companies like Amazon and Flipkart, companies have provided a magnificent platform to all sellers and helped them to grow their businesses massively. However, high storage costs, poor resources, and the tedious process of tracking returned products magnificently reduce the margins on the products. Thus, to avoid the hefty charges and swamping yourselves with baffling work, WareDepot will make your FBA Prep better. Under this service, WareDepot ensures that your company is compliant with e-commerce companies’ inventory policies. We provide you with quality checks, FNSKU labelling, kitting, polybags, and labels adhering to their policies. We ensure that you avoid penalty charges by your channel partners and optimize your inventory management process.


Last Mile Delivery

The excitement of a product getting delivered to our doorstep is a feeling we rarely discuss among selves. Moreover, the booming e-commerce market has encouraged companies to sit on the edge of the sit to timely deliver products to their customers. According to a blog on consultancy, around 38% of online buyers will reject their orders if the delivery takes more than a week. Under this service, WareDepot ensures that merchants deliver their products within 24 - 48 hours. In addition to this, the presence of multiple carriers helps our merchants to choose the appropriate delivery partner according to the geographical presence of the end consumer. These factors ensure timely delivery and eventually lead to happy customers.


Freight Management

A delivery partner that has a vast network in tier-1, tier-2, and metropolitan cities is a must in the fast pace world. Well, you don’t have to worry about finding a perfect delivery partner when you connect with us. WareDepot has partnered with all prime delivery partners to facilitate timely delivery and online tracking of your goods. Under this service, our delivery partners will provide you with part truck load (PTL) and full truck load (FTL) services, This indeed will provide you with a hassle-free experience. Additionally, to bestow transparency in the supply chain, we provide Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) that will streamline you documentation part of the delivery.


Retail Fulfilment

The most important component of retail fulfilment is order fulfilment. If you’re a merchant on the retail platform, they have specific rules that ask you to deliver products within the required timeframe or slot. However, retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart may incur penalties in case of mislabelling or missing the pickup. Thus, to avoid all of this, retail fulfilment is a crucial part of the business. Under this service, WareDepot will take care of your retail fulfilment. This means that even if the number of orders increases exponentially (of course it will), our team will ensure that all the standards are met with all your retailers. The company might not help you to increase your retail network but will look after your relationships with your existing relationships.


Customization Services

In the competitive retail space, one needs to keep innovating to stand out from the crowd. This, in turn, has encouraged companies to invest in brand packaging and marketing. However, instead of working on product innovation, branding, and marketing can take a lot of time from your daily operations. Thus, to avoid this, one need to outsource such operations to optimize their operations and reduce resource cost. Under the customization service, WareDepot will provide you with services such as brand packaging, inserting marketing promos, gratitude letters, and enticing coupons to promote the wholesome brand. With us, you don’t need to go to three different companies for order fulfilment, brand packaging, and promotion.


On-demand Warehousing

On-demand warehousing has changed the landscape of the 3PL industry. This has allowed us to work with multiple warehouses across the country to provide a vast network to our clients. Moreover, clients need to pay for the space they’re using and whenever they’re using, helping them to cut off impractical expenses. Under this service, WareDepot will not only help you to avoid exorbitant fees for storing your goods but will also help you analyse the pattern cycles of your sales. The simplification in the supply chain will eventually result in increased customer satisfaction from all of your partner platforms.

Which Industries do We Cater Our 3PL Services to?

  • FMCG

  • Automotive

  • IT

  • E-commerce

  • Manufacturing

If there is some industry we have not mentioned above, please contact us and we will ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled.

Why should you outsource your business to us?

WareDepot will help you to:

• Lower your day-to-day operational costs

• Integrate advanced technology to streamline your shipping operations

• Focus on your core operations than investing time in the strategic planning of the supply chain.

Moreover, we are trusted by more than 50+ clients across various industries which includes Ozone, Durex, MyGlamm, Godrej, and Pigeon among others.

Let’s leverage your business together!

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