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WareDepot provides Re-labelling, MRP, Quality Checks, Bar-Coding, Combo Packages, Poly Bags, Cardboard Boxes, Loading and timely transportation to marketplace fulfillment centres! Inshort we provide total warehouse management, e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management.

E-Commerce Fulfillment and Warehousing Management.

  • Get smart with your order tracking, inventory management and warehousing with our company.

  • WareDepot’s full e-commerce product management support will enable your business with Focus on Accuracy, Fast Delivery, Reduction in Returns, Increased Customer Delights.

Shared Warehouse Management

Warehouse management encompasses the principles and processes involved in running the day-to-day operations of a warehouse. At a high level, this includes receiving and organizing warehouse space, scheduling labor, managing inventory, and fulfilling orders. Warehouse management is the process of organizing, managing, and controlling space, labor, and inventory within a warehouse to provide efficient fulfillment of orders. The logistics industry is heavily reliant on warehouse management to function efficiently and optimally. A good warehouse can be the difference between being at the top of your game & losing customers to another retailer. A shared warehouse is a single warehouse that operates as a distribution center supporting multiple businesses. Sharing the costs of space, labor, and technology can help streamline your supply chain operations. This can mean having the ability to expand product offerings, improve shipping time, and test new markets for their business without having to spend additional money or time. A shared warehouse can benefit businesses in many different ways. By consolidating space and labor, you will be able to save money and improve your efficiency. Shared warehouses also allow businesses to test markets for new products without the hassles of creating extra infrastructure. So at waredepot we come up with a complete solution for our Client by providing them top of the line shared warehouse management, and help them to manage inventory. If we talk about ecommerce then day-to-day is the most important part of the business now days. So with in city warehouse we make it happen for our client, then can use multi city warehouses on demand storage space our client can easily do order processing and order fulfillment and provide next day and on time delivery.

E-Commerce Fulfillment | Retail Fulfillment | Amazon/FBA Prep | Flipkart Assured | On-Demand Warehousing

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waredepot fulfilment

Shared Warehouse Fulfillment for D2C & B2B eCommerce Orders

We enable same-day dispatch for D2C eCommerce and B2B retail orders by storing products closer to your customer in our network of warehouses in 6 cities pan-India! Achieving 24 to 48 hour delivery with lesser shipping cost!

Why WareDepot?

We strategically place your products across our network of warehouses and our experienced team fulfills the orders from nearest warehouse to reducing shipping cost and time! Trusted by 50+ clients processing 1,00,000+ orders per month!


Warehouses in 6 Metro cities pan-India i.e. Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad.

We offer a wide range of Warehousing & Fulfillment Centers across multiple sectors of FMCG, Electronics, Apparel, Cosmetics, Manufacturing, Automotive in multiple cities pan-India! With us, increase your visibility to greater audience all over India!

Pick, Pack, Combo Making, Stickering, Labelling, Promos, returns for D2C brands ranging product categories from 10 Gms to 50 Kgs acheiving same day dispatch & delivery!

Knitting, De-Knitting, Labelling, Cross Docking, Bulk Break, Boxes, Jute Bags, Consolidation, Re-Packaging for Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, & Manufacturers!

Amazon/FBA Prep Services

Re-labelling, MRP, Quality Checks, Bar-Coding, Combo Packages, Poly Bags, Cardboard Boxes, Loading and timely transportation to marketplace fulfillment centres!


Customisation Services

Brand Packaging, Marketing Promo Inserts, Thank You Notes, Gift Letters, Coupons will help you stand out from your competitors and help increase recognition of your business!


Last Mile Delivery

Delivering products to end consumer in 48 hours via network of multiple carriers where one can choose between carriers based on the demand geography to ensure timely and accurate delivery!


We have tied up with all major surface and express delivery partners to facilitate Part-Load LTL and Full-Load FTL shipments delivering to Metros, Tier-1, Tier-2 cities with online tracking and ePOD for transparency in Supply Chain!


Certifications & Awards



CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Professional

CPIM: Certified in Production & Inventory Management 1



CQIA: Certified Quality Improvement Associate



End consumer is currently subscribing to scheduled online deliveries and, demanding a more agile and robust Supply Chain.

Nowadays shopping has shifted online for almost everything with end consumers wanting an excellent service.

We cater to this market with our expertise in same day order processing, 2 day shipping nationwide, and increased accuracy of fulfillment.

Retail & FMCG

Current Retail and FMCG sector is on demand with end consumer wanting to pick and choose from a variety range of products which best suits their needs.

With thousands of SKUs, we manage your Supply Chain efficiently and help increase sales by maintaining optimum level of inventory.

We fulfill online deliveries and retail distribution throughout the nation, being more agile as compared to other sectors due to comparatively lower shelf life of this entire category.


Automotive sector demands specialist in handling the backend operations so that they can focus on their core expertise.

We come into the picture with a vast experience in managing the ground floor of automotive firms and assembly lines to maintain optimum levels of inventory as per BOM.

Consider us as back-bone of our client’s manufacturing facility where we work as part of their extended team and be a part of their culture for seamless integration and favorable deliverables.


We mainly help with storage of our IT clients who constantly are in search for short term storage with nationwide delivery network for their instant deliveries.

We cater to their Documents Storage & Management Services which saves them on office space and easy scanned/physical retrieval of any specific document within 6 hours.

Our Happy Clients

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